1A3M Studio
Based in Sheffield, UK

Release date:
Q3 2023

Meta Quest 2


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“Skeleton Crew - Journey of the Damned” is a fun action-adventure VR experience. Stand on the helm of your ship, take the wheel and command your crew of undead skeletons. But there is one catch. Along with their flesh the skeletons have lost their brains too. As captain of the ship it is your job to keep them in line, on course and happy while completing fun and challenging scenarios. Take a break from life and spend some time at sea in a world of tropical islands, sunshine, fantastical creatures and lots of treasure.


What started as tinkering with the possibilities of VR in October 2021 soon developed into a serious venture. Fascinated by VR technology and its potential Michael and Adrian combined their skills from game design and robotics to create fun, accessible and beautiful VR experiences for the Meta Quest 2. After some more and less successful experimental projects Skeleton Crew incorporates what has been learned and aims to deliver on all these goals.


  • Steer a ship and command its crew
  • Complete unique scenarios for single player, multiplayer coop and PVP
  • Defend your ship against large threats like hostile boats and monsters by commanding the use of on-board equipment like cannons
  • Fight off on-board threats like boarding parties and unwelcome critters with guns, swords and throwable clutter
  • Keep your ship afloat after taking damage by commanding your crew to fix holes, extinguish fires and dump water back into the sea.
  • Take matters into your own hands and use the on-board equipment yourself
  • Keep your crew happy by defeating enemies, keeping the casualties low, not being too cruel and sharing the occasional drink with them when they're feeling down.
  • Experiment and play with equipment, clutter, and toys you collect on your adventures


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Selected as part of the Swiss delegation to GDC 2022" San Francisco, 23 March, 2022
  • "Selected as showcaser at Courage XL 2022" San Francisco, 20 March, 2022

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About 1A3M Studio

1A3M Studio are the two brothers Adrian and Michael. Combining their professional skills from game design and robotics they want to create VR experiences which feel alive and put smiles on people’s faces.

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Skeleton Crew - Journey of the Damned Credits

Adrian Meier
Programming, 3D art, design

Michael Meier
Programming, project management

Katharina Menacher
Logo design



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